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“I Love You, I Swear To God”- Kashy’s Last Word To Barry Jhay Before His Death



As they say, wonders shall never end. The World we live in today presents to us many bizarre things that often leave us asking a lot of questions. These persons often do things that leave others suspicious about them. Have you ever come across young men who leave rough life before? Have you ever been beaten before?

The story of talented singer, Barry Jhay and his late boss, Babatunde Oyerinde aka Kashy is indeed a sad one. A few days ago, Kashy did beat up Barry Jhay while he was recording a video in his studio. Barry Jhay was seen bleeding from his mouth after this incident occurred.

A day after this incident occurred, it was reported that Kashy jumped off a 5 story building in Ghana and died. As it stands, Barry Jhay has been arrested in Ghana over the death of Kashy. He is currently in police custody.

This video has however attracted much attention from the general public. The majority thinks that arresting Barry Jhay is the right thing. They argued that he is the primary suspect at the moment and must be arrested and interrogated.

There are a few others who think differently. This category of people reasoned that this is indeed wrong. They argued that arresting him is wrong.

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What do you think?

Do you think that arresting him is the right thing?

Do you think that he has a hand in his boss’ s death?

Do you think that he should be freed?

Here are some pictures:

Nigerians are however reacting, here are some comments so far:

What is your opinion on this article?

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