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“I Did Not Collect Any 40M, I Announced The 6.5M I Was Given”- Read Sunday Igboho’s Full Speech below



Chief Sunday Igboho addressing the people of Ondo State in a viral video with His Royal Majesty, Awise Ogboni of Kemta, Ogun State and Gani Adams OPC members present at the meeting.

After Awise Ogboni offers his unwavering support and allegiance to Sunday Igboho’ s mission to protect and defend Yorubaland, the popular Yoruba Activist and Freedom Fighter blames Yoruba people who are in politics for the current insecurity crisis in the Southwest, and also debunks reports that he has collected 40million from some politicians and reveals the only money he has collected so far.

Here is everything Sunday Igboho said in the video:

“Everything we’ re doing is so that Yoruba land can get better. The issue of Fulani’ s kidnapping our people, collecting ransoms, killing and raping our sisters and mothers is not something that just started today. It has has been happening for a long time but at the moment, we’ ve been pushed to the wall and Yoruba people not being united is the reason why such thing could have happened in the first place. Assuming we are united, nobody can come to our land and committed such atrocities. Our fellow Yoruba people who are living in the North dares not do such kind of thing, but on the other hand, they have the boldness to try such in our land.

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They will even raped our young girls and make video of it but we can’ t blame them. The people we supposed to blame are our elders and leaders in politics. Their negligence and silence empowers them. How can a Fulani man be in possession of AK- 47 riffle? Our leaders in politics are the ones who supposed to speak on our behalf in the first place, that’ s why we are having this issue now. As you see, even with all we’ re doing now. It’ s not all Yoruba people that agreed with us, some are even insulting us till now. How can a fellow Yoruba be betraying his people.

I’ m not looking for fame, money or political position. Some people said, I’ ve been giving 40million, I didn’ t collect any 40million from anybody, only the Yoruba’ s diaspora in Abroad gave me 6. 5million and I announced it to the whole world. Apart from that, I didn’ t collect any money from anybody. I have my own money. What I’ m fighting for is the rights of Yoruba people to live peacefully and be safe in their father land. “