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Wonders Shall Never End: See What This Boy Wore To School That Generated Reactions Online (Photos below)



Gone are the days when we expect to be whipped in school just because of lateness or some other violation. But the students came up with their own style of flogging management at the time. We pretend to be sick, we make a false incantation in the hope of making the teacher forget, and we put on many clothes to reduce the pain during the flogging.

But just when I thought these methods were only adopted by old school students, a video appeared online recently that captured a little boy portraying one of the techniques. Follow to see how many clothes he wore to school just because he was planning on getting whipped.

In a new video that was recently posted on the Internet, the teacher captured the boy when he was forced to take off a lot of the clothes he was wearing over his body. In the video, the boy who stood innocently at first seemed a little fat. But then he began to take off the extra clothes that he wore in school, which gave him a greasy look. He takes off the first, then the second, the third. . . to 6

what could have made the boy wear so many clothes? is just the fear of getting spanked by the teacher. The boy must have done something wrong at school and was expecting punishment, so he had to put on so many clothes. But after watching the video, some people feel that teachers are usually responsible for this behaviour of students because they flogged students so often.

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Others have simply stated that the child must be very stubborn and already knows what is happening to him. Others simply blame the children’ s parents for helping a child wear lots of clothes.

Who are we to blame here? the teacher for putting fear in the student mind or the student for doing something that deserves punishment let’ s know your thoughts in the comments box.