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Checkout What This Lady Wore To An ATM At Late Night Hours That Got People Talking (Photos below)



The social media is a place where all manner of topics are brought up for discussion and for people to deliberate on in order to seek the opinion of the general public, and alot of people tend to share a thought or two on the subject matter at hand.

The saying dressed as you want to be addressed is one that a lot of people hold in high reputation, but a lot of people do not share in that though as they believe their dressing does not define the kind of person they are.

A man of social media identified as Christian Okwudili has shared image in a group, of how a lady found herself at night where she went to use the ATM, according to the looks of the lady she was comfortably dressed in an indoor wear as she made use of the service machine.

The Image have sparked reaction as a lot of people have a word or two to say.

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