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DOES HE HAVE THE RIGHT: Nnamdi Kanu Blast Buhari Says He Does Not Have The Right To Decide Who Stays In Nigeria (Details below)



Nnamdi Kanu, the indigenous leader of Biafra, said that neither the president nor the governor of the federal government should decide who stays or who leaves Nigeria. Kanu announced the news in a tweet on his official website on Saturday. Twitter pointed out that only a referendum can determine this, and that people must use a referendum to decide whether the country will disband or remain integrated.

The founder of the Eastern Safety Net added that the Nigerian army did not.

You also have the right to stop the referendum. “Dear Governor of Nigeria. It’ s up to you to decide whether the residents of your state should remain Nigerians. It’ s not even @NGRPresident, nor @HQNigerianArmy. He tweeted on Saturday:

“On the contrary, it’ s through the so- called national One- person case of free expression in the referendum procedure. ” news reporters said Saturday that members of the House of Representatives met with Lieutenant General Ibrahim Atahiro and met in a closed- door meeting. The threat of secession and the ensuing unrest were discussed at the Nigerian Army headquarters in Abuja. Although lawmakers and the military refused to disclose details to the press, sources pointed out that the unrest in the southwest led by the famous Yoruba is intensifying the rights activist Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Adeyemo.

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Sunday Igboho, the indigenous people of Biafra and other riots in the southeast and southwest. The council of parliamentarians led by Chairman Abdul- Razak Namdas met with COAS behind closed doors at around 11 am. Legislators expressed concern about the turmoil and increasing turmoil of individuals and groups aimed at dividing the country.

He was aware of the discussions at the meeting and said that the army commander had promised to use all available powers to maintain the unity of the country and protect its territorial integrity. Legislators discussed two important issues of COAS. Uncertainty across the country. Another reason is that some people are getting more and more excited about the division of the country, ” the source said. Just last week, the army commander promised to expel separatist instigators and said that the army will incitement for those who are striving to divide and unite. Come from. Country.

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