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After My Uncle Asked Me to Stay Away from My Girlfriend due to School, What Happened Next Made Me Hate Women – Man Cries Out (Details below)



Many people have experienced heartbreaks and betrayal once, twice or many times more in life that at some point, it starts looking like a normal thing to them. Some started having theirs from childhood when their parents or an uncle may have promised to buy them, a certain thing should they perform greatly in school.

It then hurts badly when they may have put in some hard work to achieve that and at the end, the price which is mostly a bait by the uncle doesn’t get to them.

Some people also get heartbroken or betrayed from childhood to adulthood, by someone whom they thought they loved or trusted but at the end of it all, they come to realize they’ve been used and dumped and most times, it affects their decision in life as adults.

A man recounts what once happened to him when he was done with secondary school and about writing Jamb. He narrated he me a girl and along they line, they both fell for each other and started a relationship that his parents was even aware of.

It happened that an uncle of his visited once and totally kicked against his having any relationship with the lady. The uncle’s reason was that he should concentrate on his studies and leave women then.

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The next day, he saw his uncle and as he whined down his glasses, he saw his girlfriend seated right beside his uncle in the car.

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