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OH NO: Popular Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo Raped 5 Times, Read How It Happened (Details below)



Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo has narrated some of the most painful things that happened to her when she was young. The actress explained how she was brutally raped five times by 5 different men while growing up. She made this revelation during her reality show titled ‘Bare It All With IY’. Actress Iyabo has been revealing some of her past experiences (the dark and not so dark side) on this series but on the 3rd episode aired two days ago, she talked about the most sensitive and painful experience she had which was how she was raped 5 times while growing up. The pain and the thoughts have never gone away but she has decided to let it out so that other women who have also faced similar challenges would know how to handle it.

Iyabo Ojo says that she was raped and it was not once but five times. She decided to give full details of how two of the painful incidents happened and she said she does not want to talk about the other 3. In this article, we will only talk about the one that she provided full details of how it happened so that others can learn from her experience.

Narrating the painful ordeal, Actress Iyabo Ojo said the guy who did it was her neighbor when she still lived in the Obanikoro area of Lagos. They lived in the same neighborhood and he was a friend to her first boyfriend but he was older than him. They had parted ways when the Actress moved to Ikeja to stay with her aunt until that fateful day that they met at a bus stop. Note: The Actress was almost 18 years old then and according to her that was the 3rd time she was raped.

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On that fateful day, the Actress said she was returning from Obanikoro where she had gone to pay her grandmother and her dad a visit. She was waiting to catch a taxi back home when a car drove past her and later stopped. It later turned out to be the guy who used to be her neighbor when she was in Obanikoro, so, they exchanged pleasantries and the guy asked her where she was going. She told him that she was going to Ikeja and the guy decided to drop her off.

When they were in the car, the guy told him that he had also moved from Obanikoro to Ikeja and that he stays in Toyin Street which the Actress was very familiar with. He told the actress that he would love to show her where he lived in Toyin Street and it wasn’t far from Balogun Bus Stop where the Actress lives with her aunty also in Ikeja. She said she did not see any big deal in it because he was a friend of her then-boyfriend and also her former neighbor. So, she stopped by his house.

She said that when they got to the house, he offered her food but she declined and told him she was not hungry and she would love to start going because it was getting late already. Suddenly, the guy told him that he had always loved her even before she started dating his friend, Emmanuel. The guy started moving close to her which got her angry and made her way to the door. She tried to open the door but it was locked.

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The guy came after her and started dragging her, she said she wrestled with him and tried to push him away. She made her way to one of the rooms to open the window and scream for help but the guy came and pulled her back with her hail and held her neck to the wall. He started slapping and hitting her to keep her quiet but the Actress said she did not stop scream until he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and his eyes turned red immediately. At that point, she knew he would injure her and probably take her life if she continued fighting him. That was how he was able to rape her.

He let her go after he got what he wanted. The Actress said that no matter how hard she tried to talk about it, she just couldn’t tell anyone until now. She said she was unable to tell her boyfriend then because he was a bad boy who could even kill that guy if she tells her. She says she doesn’t want blood on her hand, so she refused to tell him or anyone, and instead, she broke up with him.

She also narrated how she was raped by one of the armed robbers who came to their house for a robbery. The actress said she went through a lot as a child and it leaves an everlasting scar in her heart.

For everyone who has a female child, you need to be very protective of them. Many young girls are being defiled against their will and it damages their life. Protect your female children and do not let them experience any of these painful experiences

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