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5 Times Angels Were Caught On Camera Which People Never Knew Of (Photos below)



An Angel is a supernatural being found in Christian religion and other mythologies.

Many people believe Angels do not exist but there have been many evidence that have been caught on tape which proves they exit.

Angel playing with fire.

A man claims camera captured an angel floating above the fire. He was shocked when he saw the angel playing with fire float up and then out of the frame of his camera the video below still supposedly shows an angelic apparition hovering over a fire.

The clip seems to move with the video camera as though it were linked with the lens. Could it have been a lens smudge or maybe light from the fire reflecting on the camcorder lens or possibly it is a real angel flying over the fire.

Angel caught on clouds:

What you’ re about to see is a cameraman in unknown location that caught on camera a very strange and rare creature flying. He was gazing out the window and was amazed to see a figure in the distance up in the sky.

He zoomed his camera and found out the figure resembles a human with arms, legs, torso and even a distinguishable face but when zooming it more closer in he realized there was a strange winged creature that resemble angel.

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Real angel sighting;

in this clip when two friends were driving a car that caught on camera a very strange and rare creature flying in the sky. The man at the moment thought he was capturing angel flying but when zooming in he realized there was a winged creature that resemble angels.

Angel caught on television;

This video of the news was recorded in Russia. During the recording of a news report that was being made by a local channel, while the journalist was recording suddenly an impressive glow appeared that was simply unexplainable.

This surprised the cameraman and he tells the hostess that something was going on. The reporter turns around and is astonished to see the glow without being able to believe or explain what’ s happening.

Angel appears over clouds;

This extraordinary clip was captured over the sky. The man who captured is said he was gazing out the roof and was amazed to see a figure in the distance from the sky and then the bizarre shape of a human- like figure with wings walking on the clouds appeared.

However it even appears to have a set of white wings that stretch beyond its arms.

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