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She Will Burn in Hell – Zakir Naik Reveals Late Mother Teresa Will Surely go to Hell For Not Doing This (Details below)



Questioned Islamic minister Zakir Naik guaranteed that Christian Teresa and humanitarian Mother Teresa would go to Jahnum (hellfire) since she was a non-Muslim. At the point when addressed whether even ‘noble’ and ‘great’ individuals like Mother Teresa would go to the world for being non-Muslims as it were.

Zakir Naik said, “According to Sura al-Assad, there are four ways to go to Jannat (heaven).” By the token of time, those who are righteous, who claim (Dawah), and who inspire people to patience and perseverance. There are at least four criteria necessary for going to heaven.

Zakir Naik compared the ‘four paths of paradise’ to subjects taught in the 10th grade. Zakir Naik emphasized that even if someone scored 99 marks in 5 subjects and scored 10 marks in only one subject, it would mean that the student has failed.’ Naik further claimed that paradise can be achieved only on the successful completion of all four stages. Zakir said, “Suppose Mother Teresa was righteous. In Islam, the righteous people include a lot of things, which I am sure Mother Teresa did not have. What about Iman (Faith in Islam)? If she performs Shirk (following any religion other than Islam), it is prohibited.” Zakir said that shirking is a crime according to Islam and Christianity.

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The disputed Islamic preacher claimed that all those who consider Mary, the son of Mary, to be ‘Allah’ will make Jannat ‘haram’ for him. Zakir Naik quoted Islam as saying, “Aag (jahnum) will be his place of residence and no help will be given to him after that.” Zakir Naik then concluded that Mother Teresa regarded Jesus Christ as God and placed this Jesus on par with ‘Allah’. Therefore, according to the Quran, if someone shirk, be it Mother Teresa or someone else, they will not go to heaven.

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