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Lessons Single Men Need To Learn As Young 26-Year-Old Looses His Life Because Of A Woman (Details below)



It is said that life is too short to be wasted on valueless things. A life with full of purpose and fulfilment is truly what it means to be alive, sadly some persons do not get to the brink of this fullness of life.

The case of a young Nigerian who was hacked to death by a group of cultists has left many sorrowed in Oghara since yesterday.

Frank Ochuko who was just 26 years old was butchered with axe and cutlass by cultists yesterday, at around 8 pm in front of a popular hotel in Oghara.

A resident of the area identified as Avweroso allegedly revealed the cause of his death to the, stating that he became a prime target because he was dating a Aye members girlfriend.

This was how the young student of the Delta State Polytechnic at Otefe Ogara lost his life.

Below are some important lessons single men need to learn from what happened to Frank:

1. Never date a lady who is involved with another man:
Dating is not marriage. It is a mutual affair that leads to marriage and when you notice a woman has this connection with another man leave the woman.

2. Report threats:
No matter how strong you are, if threats are being posed on your life find the nearest police station and report of the person making such statements.

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3. Avoid ladies who have cultists as friends:
We all know that cultists have little or no value for their own life, talk more of that of another man. A lady who knows this truth and still mingles with such people can never be the right person to be with. Avoid such ladies.

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