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This Man Had A Bike Accident Today, See What Fell Off From His Pocket That Made People Beat Him To Death



Sometimes God really punish certain people based on what they intend to do or what what they have in mind that they want to accomplish, their kind of reactions are the ones that really destroys and brings down the success of a community or society at times but God who loves his people always deals with such people.

Today, something very strange has happened and this is a kind of man who has all intentions in mind but so unfortunate for him, he lost his precious life. Lets take a deep look at what actually happened

A man had a bike accident today in Delta State. Passersby and other good Samaritans tried to save him. However when they came closer to him, they discovered that bullets had fallen out of his pocket. Instead of rescuing him, they ended up beating him terribly to death because they suspected that he might be a terrorist, arm robber or a bad person.

This motor rider met his early death not because of the motor accident that he had but because of the mission he was up to complete for the one who sent him.

The Bullets

The motor rider who was beaten to death

The news was reported by a popular Pidgin news outlet Warri Apkroko

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Seriki means King in Hausa

According to reports, the accident happened along the express road at Oghara close to a Cattle market. The people had initially came to rescue him, but upon seeing the bullets they gave him a serious beatings which led him to his early grave instead.

It was gathered that the terrible accident happened at Oghara close to a particular Cattle market.

On questioning, he confessed that he was sent by the Seriki in that area to complete a certain mission.

This really got many people talking online.

See as people Reacted to the news;

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