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CONTROL YOUR ANGER! See How Landlady’s Daughter Killed Tenant Over ‘NEPA’ Bill In Ikorodu (Details below)



The police in Lagos have arrested a woman over her alleged role in the death of a neighbour last week.

Homicide detectives took Tina Essi into custody on Wednesday after being identified as a key suspect in the February 6 death of Christian Aparie, the police said in a statement.

Mr. Aparie, 49, was involved in a dispute with Ms. Essi over electricity charges on January 31, resulting in a physical brawl that left the man hospitalised with injuries. He died at Ikorodu General Hospital on February 6 following several days of severe pains and coverings , police said.

The fatal incident at 26, Orijamogun Street, Oreyo, Ikorodu, was being investigated by a team of detectives from state criminal investigation office in Panti, Yaba, police said.

The police urged families of the deceased to exercise patience for the matter to be properly investigated and prosecuted, especially since Ms. Essi has been taken into custody as a prime suspect.

Lagos police commissioner Hakeem Odumosu decried rising cases of domestic violence across the nation’s commercial capital, admonishing residents to always find peaceful ways of resolving disputes, which are inevitable in every society.

The police statement did not speak on when the matter would be charged to court.