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People Simply Refuse to Accept That This Goalkeeper Was Born in 1995 as his Club Claims (Photos below)



A local football club has triggered reactions after claiming that its matured-looking goalkeeper whose beard is gradually turning grey was born in 1995.

The Nigerian football club, Mighty Jets International Jos simply took to Twitter to unveil its new Jersey’s ahead of the start of the Nigerian National League season – little did it know that the post would get so much traction on the microblogging site.

The club, in unveiling the sport kits, went further to share the profile of its players who were used as models to promote the clubs.

Then, Twitter some users discovered the age of the goalkeeper and raised questions, and then others joined the fray to raise their misgivings about the trueness of the goalkeeper’s age.

According to Mighty Jets International Jos Gobum Rotduwe was born in 1995, meaning he is currently 25 years of age but the club’s Twitter followers have disagreed and accused it of peddling falsehood.

The club’s post that has ignited the controversy reads:

Name: Gobum Rotduwe

D.O.B: 13/Sept/1995

Height: 1.81m

Weight: 80KG

Position: Goalkeeper

Nick Name: Rot. D

Jersey No: 1

Twitter users then jumped onto the post to share their hilarious views.

“Is this not Okawaraji? This guy fought in the Biafran war with my grandfather. Since when did he start playing football?” one user wrote.

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Another user said: “I don’t understand. Is that 1995 his year of birth or the day he decided to start playing football?”

“Are you people telling me this Papa is 26years. Everything #loriiro,” wrote another.