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CLAPBACK! Christianity Has Reduced Nigerians’ IQ – Nigerians React To Apostle Suleman Buying 3rd Jet During The Pandemic (Details below)



Nigerians are reacting on Twitter after Apostle Suleman revealed that he bought his 3rd private jet during the height of the pandemic and even was praying for Covid-19 not to end while many were complaining of hard times.

In a video, that has since gone viral, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, was heard telling his congregation that: “In Covid, I bought my third jet.”

He also went on to say, that he was praying for the pandemic not to end because he was able to get a lot of rest, and wasn’t feeling the economic meltdown. (watch the video here).

Reacting on Twitter, some Nigerians condemned the clergyman for his ‘insensitive comments”, with one stating that “Christianity” has effectively reduced the national IQ of Nigerians by many points.

According to the Twitter user, “it will take trauma and reorientation to put Nigeria on the right path.”

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

@oboy_jay, “God ignored those dying during the pandemic but answered Apostle Suleman monetary prayers…. What a selective God,”

@freethinker_ng, “Apostle Suleman and hushpuppi are into same job but different office.”

@simplyelisha, “Apostle Suleman is not God, he’s not the scripture. Because he says something wrong, you’re going aha!, Christianity is a fraud. Everything in our present world is messed up, humans misuse everything, including God’s word, our government misuses power everyday. There’s no excuse.”

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@Con_TrolllHer, “Apostle suleman is just another one of those so called men of God. I’ve said this before, if only Christians believed in God the same way they believe in their pastors, we’ll not be here. You’ll hear sum’n like, ‘God of my pastor’, ode, do you know which God they serve?”

@ikhide, “Apostle Suleman says he bought his third jet during COVID, and prays the pandemic doesn’t end. The charlatanry Nigerians call “Christianity” has effectively reduced the national IQ of Nigeria by many points. It will take trauma and reorientation to put Nigeria on the right path.”