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This Is Unbelievable! “All Fulanis Should Relocate To Our Land, We Are Ready To Welcome Them With Our Whole Heart “- Yoruba Ruler Says As He Ask FG To Do This For All Fulanis (Details below)



The herdsmen/farmer crisis and issue of open grazing has been one problem facing Nigeria for a long time, and it dates back to over 20 years ago. Statistics have indicated that over 19, 000 lives have been lost due to the riot between farmers, state citizens, and Fulani herdsmen, since 1999.

The worsened riot between Fulani herdsmen and farmers has resulted in many state citizens asking for the eviction of Fulani herdsmen from their communities. The Governors of these affected states in Nigeria are doing all they could to assure that the Fulani Herdsmen evacuate their land Due to the Multiple Allegations placed on them, particularly on their method of rearing Cattle.

While some states in Nigeria are finding ways of driving away these Fulani Herdsmen from their region, a Yoruba traditional ruler, the Oluwo of Iwo town in Osun state is ready to welcome the displaced Fulani Herdsmen With his entire heart. he also promises to protect and clothe them.

According to a popular youtube channel known as Anchor on 18, Wednesday 2021 interviewed the Oluwo of Iwo town in a live video chat where they talked about the present problems relating to the Fulani Herdsmen.

The Traditional ruler exhibited sympathy on all those in the affected states who have lost their citizens as a result of the clash between the Yorubas and Fulanis.

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When the question about how he regulated matters on the herders, the Oluwo responded that Although there may be cases about Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the country, they settle it politely. He also noted that in his town, the Fulanis enters the palace whenever problems are occurring. While the live Interview was Ongoing, the traditional Ruler also lent his portion of what he believes in views to why the herdsmen act the way they are presently doing.

According to him, when you forget people for a very long time in the Bush without guidance, they will start behaving like Animals. He went on by saying That the Fulani Herdsmen were Ignored in the Bush without social amenities like electricity, good roads, schools, and Water.

According to the monarch, he believes that the ongoing clash between farmers and Herdsmen can be settled through decent Education on Ranching. He also called on the Government to Educate the herdsmen on the decent way of Ranching in the 21st Century and not the Old molded method of Rearing cattle in the Street which is not hygienic.

My Opinion: Fulanis are also human beings, why do we hate them these much? they are also citizens of Nigeria. those people who support the splitting of Nigeria should know that the three tribes are beneficial to one another. Let us accept these Fulanis because they are also created by god. we should seek peace and yes to one ” Nigeria” .

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What do you think of the Oluwo’ s Interview, do you think Giving the herdsmen a free passage to Iwo town is the best thing to do?