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Nigerians Blast Boko Haram Leader As He Speaks English For The First Time In His Video (Video below)



Boko Haram is against western civilization and education. If fact the main reason why they are operating is they don’ t want western things in the country including western language.

Why then did Shekua choose to speak English? from his speech in the video one can easily understand that he is just learning how to speak English because his English wasn’ t meaningful.

As all of you realizes that Shekau is the head of Nigerian fear based oppressor call boko haram (Western training is illegal) as Shekau pleased in Islam that Boko haram is for bidden and English is the language that educators use to show Western instruction with it, unexpectedly Shekau communicating in English in his recently delivered video, let’ s hear what Shekau said in his video, see screen capture below👇👇

In first when I watch this video I begin astonishing how Shekau can communicate in English, is he didn’ t realize that the English is the language that he detested in his life and now he talking with it.

what are you state about Shekau talking?

Let see some response from nigerians.

A twitter client with name @yahyamuhdalamin stated:

(Gaskiya shekau Arne ne, wai )” I vow to Allah my admirer, envision making this goof notwithstanding being quiet for like 10 seconds, ya Kure adakar sa fah

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Second man @okoroCollins11 stated:

This isn’ t amusing in any way, however you see this ‘ specific’ Shekau ehhh. . . Na God go rebuff am with this him Allah my admirer


He stopped for 10secs to get the sentence well in his mind yet nigga actually said ” my admirer”

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