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Things You Should Never Do For Your Man No Matter How Much You Love Him (Details below)



Most women destroy their own marriages by assuming the roles meant for their husbands in the name of love. In the end they end up suffering and regretting when it is too late. Through this article, I will highlight 6 things you should never do for the man you loves no matter how much you love him.

1) Never attempt to solve all his problems

Money problems can destroy a good relationship. If your man is having money problems never try to rescue him from all his troubles by yourself. By doing so, you will end up living with an indecisive and helpless partner who is afraid to take responsibility for his future.

2) Never give him expensive presents all the time

Well, it’s okay to surprise him with a small present once in a while. However, as a woman, if you develop the habit of pampering your man with ‘big’ gifts every now and then, chances are you will end up ‘spoiling’ and emasculating him. Additionally, if you’re dealing with an unscrupulous man, he can just use your love to get what he wants.

Girls, men were not meant to receive lavish gifts from women; it is supposed to and has always been, the other way round, period.

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3) Be a shoulder for him to cry on

Unlike women, men don’t fall in love with girls feeling sorry for them. Remember that just because you’re always there for him emotionally and spiritually doesn’t mean that your relationship is deep and fulfilling. A wise woman supports and inspires her husband to new achievements. And this really is one of the secrets of a happy relationship.

4) Give up your personal life and career

Just because you have found a new love in your life doesn’t mean you should give up on your career/job. Before quitting, ask yourself can I afford my basic requirements? Check your financial health and measure your wealth in terms of the number of days you can survive without a new source of income. Remind yourself why you need the salary, be grateful for your income, and chin up while you create financial leverage. This is because if you sacrifice your personal pleasures in order to care for your family, your sweetheart may lose interest in your relationship one day.

5) Change your appearance.

If your partner asks you to change how you look because they’d like it better or because they are currently unhappy with how you are now, run for the hills. A partner who’s the right fit for you will actually fit you, not the idea they have of you. You’re perfect as you are, so ditch the dude and find someone who loves you for you.

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