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“My Children Will Not Have Anything To Do With Your Jesus Christ” –Says Ezenwanyi Ebukuo



Ezenwanyi Ebukuo said: ‘My children would have nothing to do with your Jesus Christ.

“My children will not have anything to do with your Jesus Christ” Ezenwanyi Ebukuo says.

Ada ide nwanyi, ovia mmili Umeri, a Nigerian traditionalist woman Anita Adaobi Jeremiah, who is commonly referred to as Ezenwanyi Ebekuo, came to the social media to declare that her children had nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

She doesn’t want her kids to stay away from the way of her father. Her dad was a prominent traditionalist in Ogidi, Idemili North, in the Anambra State Local Government Area. Her late father was popularly referred to as Ebukuodike na Ogidi while he was alive.

In her words.

“My kids would have nothing to do with your Christ Jesus.

As soon as my son turns 10, I’m bringing him to the river for cleanliness and peace with the sea. Like my daughters, I would take my Son to the shrine of my late Father Arobinagu, to see them and be at peace with his Mother’s Ancestors.

I will also train him to love and to embrace these spirits because I have saw his future.

It is not good for parents for their children to choose the direction they should go during their adolescence, since it will influence them when they are growing up if they decide to go down a different route than the one chosen for them.

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