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Look Out For A New Black Hair Trend, As Sisters Around The World Go Banana’s Over Young Girls Astonishing Look (Photos below)



It’s so fresh it doesn’t even have a name yet, but it’s already a worldwide viral sensation. And unfortunately despite our research we haven’t yet found the origins on the pictures and who the little girl may be.

The hairdresser behind the look, has definitely sparked a hair trend in the future days to come as rest assured we almost every commenter on the image on social media has vowed to execute the hairdo on themselves.

The look comes at a perfect time in an age where we have seen the rise of self black pride and black beauty appreciation storm the world.

Once upon a time, when there were no networking social media platforms, Barbie and Vogue magazine kept dictating to us one form of beauty, together with school and workplaces in the Western world pressured black women from being able to embrace their own beauty.

In this new age, we have seen more and more African women take pride and confidence in low haircuts such as our recently featured model Irene Yesutor.

The new look is perfect for those that want the low hair cut but not fully ready to try out the bald head look. In fact, it is very reminiscent to that of amazing music duo Zhane as seen below.

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It is very convenient and like all low hair styles, it brings out the beauty in the wearer.

This new look has no popular name as of yet, however the words fish and net seem to be driving the description when asked on one social media page what it should be called.

It is definitely a hairdo to throw in the bucket of black women that love to follow trends and if you are a reader here and you get this look do send us a picture and we will surely get it up.

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