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END TIME: See What Popular Nollywood Actress Was Caught Doing With Yinka Quadri on Set (Video below)



Since Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing got into the limelight with the release of the movie, ‘Omoge Lekki’, it seemed every other director noticed her and in no time, she was ruling the Yoruba screen.

The actress on her own end has made conscious effort to build herself and she sis making waves in her own way.

In the movie, ‘Omoge Lekki’, she flaunted her as* well for everybody to see and since she noticed that it was her selling point, she has never stopped flaunting her gift of nature to good effect.

So far, Nkechi Blessing has featured in several movies such as like Okunkun, Eja nla, and Aruga and many more.

In an interview, she explained why she loves flaunting her s*x appeal or what Nollywood has come to know as ‘selling point’

She said;

“It’s interesting, I like to show off what I have got. It’s not always intentional though. Whenever I flaunt my s*x appeal it is my way of appreciating the work of God, the way he created me. My being able to act has gotten me more roles than my s*x appeal. Though I was featured in Ikatobase and Omoge Lekki because of my s*x appeal. In the movie Ikatobase, I had to seduce a lecturer because of my s*x appeal,”

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Well, with all of these as*ets, who would want to get a lap dance from the fast-rising actress? In considering the many people that would jump at the offer, many wouldn’t think that veteran actor, Yinka Quadri would be among.

Well, unlike the rumour that was carried around, Nkechi Blessing gave the actor a lap dance in the movie that made her a star, Omoge Lekki.

At first, when the video of her giving him a lap dance was shared, Social media was agog with various remarks. Manu didn’t know that it was just a trailer of the movie.

And about the movie, Omoge Lekki is a movie that portrays the fake life of girls from poor backgrounds who reside in Lekki.

Yinka Quadri plays the role of an ‘Aristo’, while Nkechi plays the role of a runs girl who made Yinka Quadri release one of his cars to her

Nkechi explained her relationship with the actor in the movie saying;

“In the movie, Yinka Quadri happens to be my sugar daddy that I usually borrow cars from to flaunt. Yinka Quadri is a professional, who delivered his role well. He didn’t get any hard on, while shooting that part. Giving him that lap dance was for him to release one of his cars. The lap dance scene was the best part of the whole movie. Apart from acting, another thing I am good at is dancing. “She says.

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Oh well, movie or not, is it really a big deal that the actress decided to give the actor a lap dance?

When the video went viral, a lot of people castigated the duo while some other people seem to be interested in what they were doing.

What is your take on this?