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BE CAREFUL: These 4 Nigerian Students Were Sentenced to Death by Hanging, See What They Did



4 Nigerian Students Who Were Sentenced To Death By Hanging.

In search of greener pasture and quality education, many young Nigerians travel oversea to school and obtain their degree. It is sad to note that instead of studying their books, some of these young Nigerians committed crimes that destroys their future.

We have listed some of them that were caught, and their future destroyed.

1. Allen Abiodun

In 2019, 33- year old Allen Abiodun was sentenced to death for killing his immediate younger brother, Wale with a broken bottle.

According to reports, Abiodun said his younger brother was threatening to kill him and that is why he stabbed him twice, in the stomach and neck.

Until his death sentence, Allen Abiodun was a student of the University of Abuja.

2. ifeanyi Dike

23- year- old Ifeanyi Dike was arrested for the ritual killing of an innocent 8 year old girl, Victory Chikanso in 2017.

Until his arrest, he was a second year student of physics department, University of Port Harcourt.

According to reports, Ifeanyi Dike defilled the young girl before murdering her. He removed her tongue, eyes, finger and vagina with the assistance of his cousin, Ugochukwu.

Few weeks after he was jailed, Ifeanyi escaped prison after been aided by sergeant Johnbosco Okoronze.

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However, he was rearrested shortly and sentenced to death by hanging alongside his cousin, Ugochukwu.

The judge also sentence sergeant Johnbosco Okoronze to one year imprisonment for aiding Ifeanyi Dike to escape police custody.

3. Azmir and Nnamdi Achonye

Amzir and Nnamdi were Nigerian students who study at a private university in Malaysia.

Instead of these young men to chase their dreams, they ventured into drug trafficking, a practice highly kicked against by the Malaysia government.

They were arrested by the Malaysia police after 3. 5 kilogrammes of methamphetamine was found in their apartment.

The story of these 4 young Nigerian student should serve as a lesson for every student out there who wants to make quick money.

Remember, the road to success is not an easy one, only determination and hardwork can make you successful.