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Could My New Neighbor Be A Ghost? See What I Noticed About Her That is Scary (Details below)



My new neighbor was introduced to us by our landlady as Aunty Monalisa.

Anuty Monalisa was very beautiful but abnormally quiet and always smiled for no obvious reason.

One Wednesday evening, by 6:30pm I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Suddenly from the corner of my eyes, it appeared there was someone standing at the back of the building. So I quickly took a proper look through the kitchen window and it was Aunty Monalisa.

What could she be doing there? I asked myself . No one went to that corner of the building on a normal day apart from the landlady’s cat, fossie whose faeces infested cage was stationed around there.

Aunty Monalisa appeared deep in thoughts. She focussed her gaze in the sky. She looked more beautiful in the pink dress she was putting on. Just as I tried to see if she was wearing matching shoes, I noticed her feet were suspended in the air. And instantly, she turned and looked at the direction of my kitchen window and our eyes met. Fear gripped me. I tried to move but my legs became glued to the ground.