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A 27-Year-Old Man Came From USA To Marry In His Country But This Happened 35 Days After His Wedding (Details below)



There are lots of things that is happening around the world which are heart touching and sad stories and this is the story of another man which something that touches the heart happened to after travelling all the way from USA to marry his wife in Cameroon.

A 27 years old man whose name wasn’t mentioned has been pronounced dead after 35 days of his wedding in Cameroon which is his country.

As reports, the 27 years old man died 3 days ago after he was ill for just two days.

It was just 35 days after his wedding and he was planning to go back to USA in February 2021 with his wife but it’s so unlucky for him that that will not be happening.

Aside from being ill, the exact cause of the death of the 27 years old man who died 35 days after his wedding is yet to be known.

Below are the photos of the young man and his wife during their wedding ceremony at Cameroon;

This has gotten reactions from the people who are very much sad but also amazed about what could have killed the young man who traveled all the way from the United States of America to marry his beloved wife.

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Many people believed that it was black magic and it was clearly written in the comment section of the posts as people react.

See how people react below;

What do you think could have caused the death of the young man?

I used this period to decree that, may anyone reading this article not die untimely and may the hands of the evil people dry off as they plan evil against anyone.

May God comfort his family and his newly married wife. May his gentle soul also rest in perfect peace.