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Woman Confesse Of How Her Husband Introduced Her To His Kidnapping Business So The Can Make Money (Details below)



A husband and wife where arrested for kidnapping, See the kind of business a man can introduce his wife too and you who is the wife still accepts to join your husband in doing such a notorious business.

According to the woman she said she never knew what her husband was doing always coming back home at night until that particular day she hard to question him and he revealed to her that he is a kidnapper that kidnaps people for money at times kills them and sell their parts to Rituals.

The woman revealed so many things that the husband used to do according to the woman at times my husband do bring back his victims back to house with mask all over their face, when I discovered this was what my husband was doing I had no choice than to join so that my life will be saved.

The woman cried out bitterly saying she was introduced into the business of kidnapping people for money by her husband just to make more money.

The woman said her husband once threatens to kill her and burry her body if she tries anything funny by disclosing their secrets to anybody.

According to the woman He said the husband persuaded her to join the group that the will put their heads together and make more money she said she never wanted to joined but her husband threatens her badly that she knows his secrets of making money now that he will kill her if she doesn’ t join the group

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The woman Confessed she joined Kidnapping with the husband and the have kidnapped and kill about 50 people since she started and the have made a lot of money from it, she told the police she is ready to face the wrath if the law

According to the the woman she ready to revealed more of her husband secrets to the police, she is ready to mention all their gang members where the use to get their guns and how the plan for their operations.

The woman said most at times she doesn’ t go with the husband but stays at home to cook for his gang members so the can eat once the are back from the operation.

The both where charge court to face their faith.