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5 Places Your Woman Want You To Touch Her But Will Not Tell You (Details below)



In this life, Women can be very secretive and hard to understand even after marriage, when it comes to their body or how they feels, they usually find it difficult to open up.

Now as a man, there are some certain things you need to know even without learning them, one of them is knowing where your woman wants you to touch. You as a man needs to study her body language to know what she wants at they particular point in time because she might not tell you.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at five places your woman really wants you to touch her, these will help you to have a healthy relationship.

Below are list of places your woman wants you to touch her but she won’t tell you.

1. Her Face:

2. Her Shoulders:

3. Her Hair:

4. Her back:

5. Her feet:

I am assuring you that if you can take note of these 6 places, your woman will forever be yours and she will respect you.

All these five places I have shown you above is where your woman really wants you to touch but she won’t tell you simply because you are a man or she might be shy.

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So I want you all to take note of those places especially when you are with your woman or any lady

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