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See This Pre- wedding Pictures That Has Got People Talking (Photos below)



Pre- wedding Pictures of a couple has surfaced on the internet and has got people talking, after it was posted by a photo company named ‘ BKAYPHOTOS’ on its Instagram page. The pictures showed a couple who attached blood bank to the nose using a hose that is passed between them.

The groom was shirtless in the picture while the bride was on a wrapper. The pre- wedding pictures are new norms in marriage nowadays that are snapped by virtually all couples around the world to show to families and friends. These pictures are used on invitation cards and posted on social media pages of the couples.

Getting married involve several planning such as snapping pre- wedding pictures, payment of dowry by the groom, seeking the hand of the lady from her family and getting ready for the wedding ceremony. The proper wedding ceremony involves organizing a comfortable hall, preparation of food and purchase of wedding clothes.

This type of pre- wedding Pictures are very lovely to the couples about to wed. There are a lot of Pre- wedding pictures but these ones are unique because they have meaning for each of the pictures that will make the relationship a long lasting one. This is actually a photo speak pictures that will require a very brilliant mind to initiate and sustain.

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However, there are lovely simple pre- wedding shoots that are done by all couples nowadays, those one are just to show the beauty of the couples and to invite family and friends to their wedding. Pre- wedding shoot are done by expert photographers that can produce quality and good quality looking photographs.

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