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Two Ritualists Caught With A Coffin At Mid-Night, Confess They Were Sent (Video below)



The pursuit for cash have driven numerous individuals off track. They don’t mind how or from where the source cash.

Such sorts of individuals dive into wrongdoing, shrewd and merciless intends to accomplish abundance.

In Nigeria, or Africa at large, one of the diabolic means of attaining wealth, fame and power is rituals – the sacrificing of humans or human parts in exchange for wealth.

In this video, two young men were caught carrying a coffin/casket on their heads. No clothes; their face powdered and their arms tied with red pieces of clothes. reports.

When interrogated by the members of the community where the incidence happened, they alleged they were sent by a man.

They were not giving straight forward answers as it is obvious that they are confused.

This should serve as a warning to the younger generation and youths to take legal means of attaining wealth.

Avoid crime because it will one day lead you astray.

Watch video below: