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Man Calls Out young boy in his area who Bought a N2Million Toyota while him and his Parents are still living in a dilapidated House (Video below)



Man Calls Out a young boy in his area who Bought an N2Million Toyota while he and his parents are still living in a dilapidated house!!.

A Nigerian man has call out a young boy over his inability to prioritize necessity instead of living a flamboyant life.

According to the report, the Nigeria man took a video record of the boy’s home where both himself and her mother dwell and the condition of the house was unbearable, instead of the boy to use part of the money he made in fixing and repairing his home, he went to purchase an expensive car worth 2million while his parents dwell in a disgusting and depilated abode.

This was a serious concern to neighbors and they took to social media demanding an explanation concerning the young boy’s disposition.

Watch the video below;