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Meet This Baby Girl Born Already ‘Pregnant’ With Her Own Twin Siblings (Details below)



The medical Mysteries happening around the world would leave you wondering how they happened, where and why they happened. However, the medical mysteries I will be sharing with you today is about a bizarre case. Doctors found out that a newborn baby girl was already pregnant with twins. How is this possible? Well, I’m shocked as you are.

According to experts, they said that the extreme and very rare development abnormality is called Fetus – in – fetu, which may only happen in 1 out of every 500, 000 birth cases worldwide. This abnormality causes a tiny fetus or fetuses to develop within the body of another developing fetus in a mother’s womb.

After doctors performed the delivery, they carried out some scans on the newborn baby and realized that she was pregnant. They cancelled the possibility that the baby would conceive because she was way too young for a conception. Their scanning showed that the twin in the baby’s belly were located between the young girl’s Liver and Kidney and each was attached to an umbilical cord linked to a placenta mass on the girl’s belly.

Nevertheless, the fetuses were incapable of developing due to their abnormal situation because definitely the baby girl wouldn’t bring the fetus to terms of development. The doctors placed another scenario about the development, whereby they believe that the fetus was triplets. They were still underdeveloped and absorbed into the child’s body due to unexplainable reasons.

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Doctors further said that the baby girl found pregnant with her twin siblings can grow up normally even if the baby fetus weren’t detected at birth. However, she went through a successful surgery and the two twin siblings were removed from her body. What a strange thing that was! ! !

Have you ever seen or heard similar case like this? If yes, kindly share to us through the comment section.