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SO SAD: Girl who was beaten to stupor by mom rescued in Uyo, as mother revealed reasons for her action



This was the same questions many concerned Nigerians asked when Facebook User @Akan Udom posted photos of a girl believed to be 9-year-old girl who was physically abused by her own mother for waking up late for school.
From the photos, the girl sustain scars, bruises and internal wounds which lead to her inability to walk probably.

Akan Udom posted;

He first gave an hint of the incident before he unravelled the whole case.

He said;

Got notified of this case this morning by a concerned neighbour who is also my friend on Facebook and I did what was necessary by requesting the girl is taken to a clinic since they are outside of town.

I first went to see the girl before going to met with the mum. She was scared initially but I told her I came in peace. I requested everyone around to leave so we both can talk in private. She was speechless for a while and suddenly started crying. I got emotional too.

From our conversations, she is an orphan from Cross River State. And was abandoned by her husband 7 years ago when they kids were both 2years old and 6 months old respectively. According to her, it has been her responsibility providing for the children all these while.

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She sells food around the neighborhood. She has no shop hence she moves around to sell. The last few days according to her been rough after using her savings to pay the children school fees.

She admitted she is always angry and bitter because she go through so much physical and emotional stress/pressures and anytime the children misbehaves, or disobeys her instructions she feels like running mad. Even the son had wounds on his body when I got to their home.

She was remorseful and sad. And she didn’t sell today because she didn’t have money to go to market to buy things.

Well from our conversations, I saw a woman who was still holding on to her past, seeing the children as stress/burdens for her and always transferring her aggressions on the innocent kids. I spent over half an hour talking to her, counselling and advising her. I saw a lady who needed an emotional support and reorientation and I tried my best to let her understand those kids are her future and treasure she can boost off and she that should never see them as a burden nor get tired faring for them. She cried all through our conversations. I really wish my words find a place in her heart.

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As for her business, I wanted to make a transfer to her so she can resume tomorrow or Monday but she has no bank account, I will be sending cash to her tomorrow. She needs to go back to her little hustle to be able to feed the family.

Doctor said we should take Favour for X-ray to be sure no damage was made to her spiral cord cos she can’t bend or walk properly. The mum also kicked her on the chest. The poor girl was in pains when I met her. We will do that tomorrow morning but we didn’t allow the mum access to where she is at that moment but I will permit them to let her see the child tomorrow morning. I think it’s not a nice idea denying her access to her child no matter what.

Many children are undergoing such abuses at home, we just need to speak up for those innocent souls. It’s not everytime we approach a situation with force, sitting people down and talking to them and doing a proper follow up can change their situations. Well this is just my opinion.

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