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End Time! See Photos Of Some Ungodly Things Done By Pastors



Well it is bodly written in the Bible that we should remove ourselves from any ungodly things or materials which will not allow us to enter heaven, but some of this ungodly things can either be tattoos, piercing or maybe indecent dressings. Normally pastors are the people who passes this type of information from the Bible to us and the main reason why am actually writing this article is to show people that most pastors nowadays are no longer following the rules in the Bible anymore.

Well alot of pastors in Nigeria and other part of the world have been seen with different ungodly things and because of this alot of people are wondering if we are in the last days. So in today’s article we are going to be checking out Photos of some pastors who have tattoos on their body and other pastors who practice ungodly things in church.

Check photos of some ungodly things done by pastors.

She is the head of the Church and she haves tattoos.

A pastor from a church in America have been spotted with tattoos all over her Body. Well she got alot of criticism from people who believe that she shouldn’t be a pastor just because of the tattoos all over her Body.

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He is a pastor and also a tattoo Artists.

Another cases of pastors with tattoos is the one of a man who own a tattoo shop and also preaches the word of God. This pastor is a well known tattoo artist and also a preacher of the gospel.

Female pastor dressing indecently.

Many female Pastors in Nigeria have been seen dressing inappropriately in church and they don’t care mainly because they are the ones in charge.

Well I gat to say they are alot of strange things happening and we can say we are actually leaving in the last days.

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