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Avoid Pastors That Preach These 10 Lies (Details below)



There are many pastors in the world today and it has become very difficult to differentiated the fake and real ones.

However, the 10 Lies below are preached by fake pastors and you should avoid any pastor that preaches them.

1. Appearance doesn’t matter to God :

this is frequently utilized by Christians who need to dress disgustingly. Most particularly the women. They quote

1 Samuel 16: 7

Be that as it may, the Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t think about his appearance or his tallness, for I have dismissed him. The Lord doesn’t take a gander at the things individuals take a gander at. Individuals take a gander at the outward appearance, however the Lord takes a gander at the heart. ”

What’s more, disclose to you it’s their heart that issue not their dressing. However, they fail to remember that the mentality and way of life you live are because of your heart. On the off chance that you dress obscenely, it implies your heart is disgusting. I concur that dressing adequately doesn’t make you a Christian, however authentic Christians dress well. If it’s not too much trouble return home and wear material.

2. When you become a Christian your Problems are finished:

Any individual who reveals to you this is a liar! The Bible plainly discloses to us that we would have trails and allurement.

James 1: 2 – 4

Think of it as unadulterated delight, my siblings and sisters, at whatever point you face preliminaries of numerous sorts,

since you realize that the testing of your confidence produces determination.

Allow persistence to complete its work with the goal that you might be developed and complete, not lacking anything.

. Yet, amidst our difficulties, God guarantees that He will never leave, nor neglect us. Isaiah41: 10 – 16.

3. God Needs You.

God needn’t bother with you! He just WANTS you. You are the one that needs Him. Without you, God can endure! However, without God, you CANT endure! You hear a few Christians state

“in the event that God doesn’t do either for me, I won’t serve Him again or I won’t lecture the gospel or pay my offering”.

In as much as we are terrifically imperative to God, we ought not fail to remember that He initially pick us.

John 15: 16

You didn’t pick me, however I picked you and delegated you so you may proceed to tolerate organic product — organic product that will last — thus that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

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On the off chance that we don’t accomplish the work God request that we do, He can raise even STONES to do them. If you serve God, HE IS STILL GOD.

4. The Lord will provide whatever you ask, the time you want it.

A few Christians feel that God MUST concede all their solicitation. God is your Father and not your task kid. WE supplicate and permit His will to be finished. A few Christians even determine the hour of they need their supplications to be replied.

“God I need a spouse by June! God I should travel abroad this year! God you should give me this cash this week! ”

Indeed, even as we confide in God for our arrangement, we ought to likewise believe His planning. We ought to figure out how to ask in uncorrupt modesty and accept that His time is the best.

5. Heaven help those who help themselves;

In the event that you can help yourself, for what reason do you need God’s assistance? I concur with this assertion such that; you need to assume your part for God to play His. Be that as it may, a few Christians utilize this explanation when they need to do insidiousness or take some illicit easy routes.

Sayings 3: 5

Trust in the Lord with your entire being

also, lean not on your own arrangement;

God has come to assist the vulnerable and not those that with confiding in Him.

6. All pastors and church Leaders are perfect!

A few Christians accept that their ministers and otherworldly pioneers ARE PERFECT and resistant to sin, allurements and preliminaries, and even assault from the fallen angel. They fail to remember that they are additionally people like them! They set these people as a norm for their confidence in CHRIST and when those LEADERS commit an error or drop out of confidence, such Christians fall with them. 1 Kings 13: 11 – 33.

The book of scriptures urges us in

Jews 12: 2

focusing on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of confidence. For the delight set before him he persevered through the cross, hating its disgrace, and took a seat at the correct hand of the seat of God.

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That we should keep our eyes on Jesus, THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH. Try not to admire any man! Take a gander at JESUS! Man can fall flat, however Jesus can never come up short.

7. Going to church makes you a Christian:

Going to chapel DOESN’T make you a Christian. In any case, each GENUINE CHRISTIAN goes to chapel. A few people simply go to faith gathering however don’t have an individual relationship with Christ in their Heart. They are not CHRISTIANS! THEY are CHURCH GOERS!

8. You can keep sinning and asking God for forgiveness.

A few Christians accept that you can continue erring on PURPOSE once in a while and continue approaching God for absolution.

Romans 6: 1 – 2

What will we say, at that point? Will we continue erring so that beauty may increment?

In no way, shape or form! We are the individuals who have passed on to sin; in what capacity would we be able to live in it any more?

So it reveals to us that we ought not underestimate God’s endowment of unmerited effortlessness for conceded. At the point when the Holy Spirit convicts you of an off – base, make an honest effort not to rehash it. At the point when he in all seriousness submit sin, HE will take care of you. Our readiness to get some distance from transgression is all God requires.

9. Having s3x With Your engaged partner is not sin.

A few Christians accept that, whenever you’re locked in, s3x is permitted! This is absolutely bogus. When you are not yet hitched, you are having s3x and that is a transgression before God.

Colossians 3: 5

Put to death, hence, whatever has a place with your natural nature: extramarital perversion, contamination, desire, malicious cravings and avarice, which is excessive admiration.

10. You can marry an unbeliever and change him or Her

The book of scriptures plainly cautions us in 2 Corinthians 6: 14 not to be inconsistent burdened with unbelievers. Be that as it may, a few Christians will even now feel free to wed an unbeliever guaranteeing they can transform them!