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A Year After Archaeologists Found An Old Skeleton Buried With ‘IPhone’, See What They Just Discovered (Photos below)



The archaeologists are the people who study human history and the prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains. They analyze fossils (remains of plants or animals) and determine the age they existed by carrying out a radioisotope dating.

Archaeologists have really been trying their best in the discovery of many events that happened thousands of years ago. They make discoveries through the recovery and analysis of biological (living things), geological and environmental records. This enables us to learn more about the development of human race.

Recently, the archaeologists in Spain have just uncovered 400 tombs containing over 4500 bodies dating from the 8th century in ancient Islamic necropolis during road construction.

They discovered that the graves were Muslims because the skeletons were facing Mecca according to Islam tradition. The remains will be transferred to the museum after undergoing DNA analysis.

According to history, the Arab forces had begun to conquer the Iberian Peninsula by 711 before the area was totally reconquered by the Christian kingdoms in 1492. The discovery of this dead bodies will help in the deeper understanding of the country’s history.

Last year, archaeologists discovered a 2100 – year old skeleton buried with an iPhone. Isn’t this amazing? Does that mean the phones we are using today had been used thousands of years ago?

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Don’t be confused, it’s not really an iPhone but It only looked very similar to an apple product. It is a gem – stone pad encrusted with many precious stones.

The skeleton was dugged up in Ala – Tey Necropolis located in Sayan sea, Russia. Considering the past and their current researches, the archaeologists are capable of making greater discoveries in the future and to gather more information about the history of this world that was not recorded.