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The Story Of The Leopard In Ugep (Details below)



Ete Ubi Ekubi (1780-1900) was a Yakurr warrior, hunter, historian, motivational speaker and my own great grandfather. His skills were enormous among which is prowess in the act of war and ability to hunt big animals for sustainability and economy.

In 1830, the year of our Lord, he set out alone for a hunting expedition. He never knew his success to kill a leopard he met was going to change the course of his destiny. For he timed and killed the mammal with his dane gun and history started.

No man has ever killed a leopard singlehandedly. It was a mirage, no one would have believed him, if the mammal wasn’t brought home. Papa Ekubi was astonished and so was everyone. But the dare consequence was that it was a taboo, and that Papa was going to pay humongous fine for such bravery. Papa was indignant and declared to the Obol Lopon council that he wasn’t going to do any sacrifice whatsoever.

The issue dragged on for sometime till the stipulated order to banish him out of the Ugep land came up. He didn’t waste time to heed to the rule. He left with his family to Idomi where he lived and died after more than a century lifespan.

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He beget Abam Ekubi who was a recruit in the then Royal West African Frontier Force where he was opportune to fight the WW1&2. And had the privilege to travelling round the World War affected nations.

He told of a story they had to travel through the tunnel for hundreds of kilometers to reach Egypt. A real man of war whose Christianity blends with his morals. Little wonder, he was still reciting Bible verses in his 90’s and 100’s. Abam lived for 104 years after begetting the first Presbyterian Reverend minister in the Yakurr enclave.

Papa Ekubi did not loose afterwards for his remains were taken to Ugep at his death in 1900.

He was noted as the man who couldn’t bow to stringent rules for his bravery.

Kill one leopard singlehandedly and we shall celebrate you here. The spotted mammal is a terror. Beware!!