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A Nigerian Musician Begged Me To Use My #62m Car For Video Shoot, He Came Back And Told Me This (Details below)



Things are happening, you would be surprised what this girl said about what celebrities do.

As Christmas day draws closer, a Twitter user has taken to her Twitter page reveal what happened after she borrowed a Nigerian musician her 62million naira car. A lady who goes by the Twitter name @ChinonyePearl claimed in her tweet that after she borrowed a Nigerian musician her expensive car, he came back to tell the car was stolen.

She wrote in her tweet “Rose Royce car” I bought for 62milion naira, a Nigerian musician begged me to use the car for a video shoot, now he came back to tell me the car was stolen. My help has turned to bad” @sodiumhydrate said and I quote “haha @smithie___. see people vying mysteriously for next #Shepeteridecides

@allanso87 said and I quote ” what? ? Rolce Royce? ?

All I see is a garden and the attendant”

@Huzoormah said and I quote “Rose ko, hibiscus no

if you no fear us, fear God na”

She continued “How the hell just a car worth 62million naira get stolen just like that without any trace, Rose Royce car that I bought with my life savings.

Her tweet has sparked reactions among Twitter users. See Twitter users reactions above; I will like us to check her comment and see if she is saying the truth, do you think she can own a luxurious car worth that amount or do you think the car was actually stolen or she is just a beautiful lady who is dying to seek attention from the app and from her fans the comment session is opened so you can actually flood it with your thoughts and perspective.

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See more pictures of this lady below;

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