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Why I Must Sleep With Five Men A Day – 22 Year Old Girl Reveals



A young lady while speaking to our relationship expert and some advicers voiced out her problem, she is seriously in need of a solution. Here’s what she said:

My name is Angela, am 22 years Old, am a secondary school graduate, I could not complete my education not due to financial problems but due to family lineage, we all stop at that level.

I was born into a family of five girls. We all had different dads, I am the last born of the five, my mum was a professional at the job.

All my sisters ended their education at the secondary level, I had passion for school but I was stopped by my mum at that level.

My mum trained us very well, at little age I was so good at the job, I dont enjoyed it unlike my sisters it was their dream as they were making good money.

My mum had an undercover business so no one could ever suspect a thing. She force into it I had to fulfill the daily deal of five men a day, if not I will be in big trouble. I don’t even know who my real dad is. Am tired, I don’t want to waste my life like this.

How can I come out of this, without hurting my family.

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What is your take on this?

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