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4 Strangest Traditions Around The World You Never Knew Existed (Details below)



Our traditions of course vary from countries to countries and even communities. Well here’s a view of 4 unique and strange traditions that occur around the globe.

1. Cinnamon shower

This strange tradition is common in Europe and is done to single people. According to legends the tradition Bagan 100 years ago. Once you turn 25 years and you’re still a single unmarried individual, water is flashed at you. This is to ensure that cinnamon sticks properly on your body. After water cinnamon is ‘showered’ at the person who becomes completely covered with the powder. If the person still ends up at 30 unmarried, water is flashed at them and then they’re fully covered with pepper, weird right?

2. Thai Neck Rings

Women from Thailand acquired the name the giraffe women due to their habit of wearing brass rings on their necks. This tradition has earned them income as most people travel just to see the unique tradition. However, despite them wearing the rings on their necks, none of them is sure of the reason behind the tradition.

3. Basha Miao Haircut

The Chinese Basha people are known for this unique haircut. While most of us in Africa would use a pair of scissors or visit a barber for a shave, the Basha people use sickles to bring out this unique haircut. Strange right? Well, the legends explain that this haircut is meant to honor a certain mythical warrior from the community.

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4. Camel Wrestling

You ever heard of camel wrestling before? Well, this unique tradition is a popular sport in Turkey that sees two male camels wrestle inorder to spend time with a female camel in heat. The tradition became so popular that one time it was used to raise revenue for the government. Currently, over 30 camel wrestling festivals are held in Turkey per as the sport attracts more individuals.