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Oh my God: See the Outfit a Lady Wore to Church on Sunday that is Causing Confusion in her Church and Online



A lot of people these days I will say don’t know what going to church is all about, they just wake up on Sunday morning, as usual, take their bath dress anyhow it pleases them and they are set to go to the place of worship, the presence of God almighty.

In the olden days when going to the place of worship you are to put on a very decent outfit, and they dress with modesty, not all this rags people of nowadays wear to church and no one to caution them.

A lady with the name Bubuashiesavage shared photos on her Twitter handle the dress she wore to church on Sunday that got a lot of people talking below

It has become a habit now in our churches I won’t mention names of churches but there are a lot of them out there that don’t care on the kind of dress their members wore to church, ranging from trousers, legs, spaghetti top and many more of them like that.

Some members will even go to the extent of exposing their chest just like the one in the picture above all in the name of fashion which is very bad for our faith as Christians.

Every religion condemns in moral dressing, and people still go against that. Some even wear transparent clothes to the church which is really bad.

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That why I said earlier that a lot of people don’t know why they are going to church, at least show some respect in the presence of God by dressing properly to church, not only to the church but everywhere you go, and such person will not be regarded as a wayward individual that why dressing really matters a lot.

When a person dresses decently you have that boldness to enter anywhere without fear, you have that confidence. But when dressed indecently the confidence and boldness won’t be there because you will be thinking the whole world is looking at you.

I must say end time has come for a sensible person to wore such dress to a place of worship.

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