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“Wonders Shall Never End” See What These 2 Female SS1 Students Were Caught Doing In Class (Video)



The rottenness of our schools especially private schools have eaten so deep that it will take only rigid, strict educational rules and implementation to revive modesty back to our schools.

A video which was uploaded on Twitter shows the moment to female SS1 students were seen dancing right inside the classroom. These 2 female students were not only dancing but shouting and disturbing the peace of other students in the class.

For some reason or in other to avoid image tarnishing, the name of the school where this uncultured act happened has been withheld. The 2 female students seem not to even care if they were doing the right thing or not! They kept dancing and shouting! One of them even went as far as raising her skirt to reveal our body parts! This act is totally uncultured and shouldn’t be tolerated in our schools.

Schools are meant to be a place of quietness for students to learn. However, we know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy but there is always a time for everything. Dancing right inside the classroom and shouting is a bad behaviour students shouldn’t be allowed to do.

These 2 female students are only in SS1, imagine what will happen when they get to SS3? They might just as well turn their classroom into a club or strip house.

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