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He Dumped Me 2Weeks Ago, Now He Wants Me Back And I’m 3 Months Pregnant For My New Boyfriend, What Should I Do?- Lady Cry Out



Manu people find themselves in situation where they became frustrated and confused about what to do. Love someone is not a crime but each and everyone who intend to love his or her partner should be on track, should be able to tell if he or she is someone who takes life serious.

Many have fallen into the hands of those that call them selves “play boys”. Ladies should be careful who they go into relationship with.

A lady recently complained about her ex who wanted her back after accusing her wrongly, she shared this story on social media and many people responded to the post with their deferent views.

According to her story it seems like she was really cheating on the guy, she was already pregnant before they broken up.

See how many responded:

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