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Watch The Moment An Angry Lady Packed Her Food In A Nylon After She Was Told To Pay For A Takeaway Pack (Video)



A video of a girl packing her food in nylon after the waiter told her she had to pay for a takeout park has gone viral.

The lady who was eating her food couldn’t finish it and felt she needed to take the rest home. Unbeknownst to her, she would have to pay for a takeout.

When he asked for one, and was handed a bill, he got mad and packed his food in nylon, noticing it was an expensive restaurant anyway and wondering why he should pay for a takeout package considering the food is expensive.

“Yesterday I was pissed to the bone … fr! I never knew that people pay takeout in restaurants…. You can’t raise the price of food and tell me to pay for takeout! Smh! Reason why I prefer to eat at a #food # mamaput, ”she wrote while sharing a video of the incident.