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DO WOMEN CHEAT MORE THAN MEN? See These Women Who Were Caught Cheating By Their Husbands, Their Reason For Cheating Will Shock You (Video)



The general belief over time is that men are the natural cheats in a relationship and that women are the “saints”. It got so bad that women get into a relationship with the mindset of their men cheating because it has somehow become a norm.

Then the shocker began to happen, a lot of men began to see that even the women aren’t the “saints” everyone thought. Women cheat too and most times when they do, they leave no traces behind. The most disturbing part of it is that fact that a lot of these women who cheat are reportedly married women

Now the argument has been that women cheat way more than men and some men even took to their social media to share the experiences they have had, catching their women cheating.

For this first man, his case is quite spectacular because he was actually the one playing pranks with his wife with a fake account. When he couldn’t hold it anymore, he took to social media to talk about it saying;

My wife met someone on Facebook. Their thing is going on for almost four weeks now. The guy is unemployed, as soon as I leave for work, they start chatting. She sends him airtime and money. Last week, she told me about her sick aunt and that she needed money to send to her.

It was a lie, she sent R500 to her guy. She told the guy that she is happy with me and is just doing it for fun. They spoke about s*x and they agreed to do it on their first date. The guy told my wife not to have s*x with me for at least one week before the day because he wants her fresh. From last week, she is telling me that she is not okay to sleep with me.

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They will meet on Thursday and she doesn’t know that I am the new guy with the fake account. “


Somehow, one can only wonder what would happen when the woman eventually goes for the date and sees that she is meeting with her own husband.

Just when one thinks it has gone worse, there comes another story of a woman who had taken it beyond flirting to real cheating on her husband. It even got so bad that she was having a s*x video call with her “side niggar” when her husband caught her. The most hurting part of it is that she was even m*sturbating while at it.

Pained at what he just encountered, he went to report the case to the popular relationship expert, Joro. His message to Joro reads thus

Hello Joro, good morning. My wife is also cheating on me. The rate at which married women are cheating these days Joro. Na make God help us.

My friend’s wife also cheated on him too. His wife travelled to Dubai last years to sleep with this other married guy. The wife follows your blog. She works for media. The husband follows your blog too. My own story. I noticed my wife started wearing makeup, buying hairs and doing things she doesn’t do. One faithful day I came home and I saw my wife in the bathroom doing video call and m*sturbating for the guy. I took her phone and the guy hangs up.

She chases me naked with soap all over her body. She fell down two times chasing me. I saw all sorts of pictures and chats. The guy’s d*ck even small that’s the funny part. I was temporarily insane Joro. Her mother and father came to beg.

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I told the father that if his wife cheated will he take her back? The man mouth enters well. I am scared to do DNA for my two children.

My mother asked me not to do DNA that she loves her grandchildren so much. That I should love them unconditionally. Married women cheat with other married men. That was it’s coded. They both have something to lose. Men, watch your wife closely o. Joro women their mind weak. Small flattery outside or money they go open leg. God bless all.”

The man is also opting for a DNA for his children because he wasn’t sure anymore if the kids are actually his. Despite his desperation to do this, his mother didn’t want him to because of the fear of what the result might be. He said his mother really loves her grandchildren and cannot afford to lose them.

If this man goes for a DNA and finds out that the children are not his, one can only wonder what he would do and who would blame him really.

It is disheartening that it is becoming so rampant that women especially the married ones now conveniently cheat on their husbands. In as much as violence is not accepted in any way, one cannot really blame these men if and when they take drastic steps on their cheating wives.

It is heartbreaking, really and both men and women should do better.