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US election: ‘It’s matter of life and death’ – Evangelical Leader charges Christians



As the presidential election crisis drags on in the United States, with President Donald Trump alleging widespread voting irregularities and fraud, Evangelical leader Dr. Jeff Myers has urgently called on Christians (no matter who they voted for) to join in the fight for election justice.

In an article he wrote on Sunday, Myers says the faithful are “asleep at the wheel” and exercising “bad citizenship” and “even worse theology.”

According to Myers, Christians have a solemn duty to demand that government officials stand for truth and honesty, adding that this is a matter of “life and death for our Republic.”

The Evangelical Leader called on Christians to pray, fast, and then take decisive action..

“America needs help, and yet people of faith are almost entirely asleep at the wheel.

“Many feel they did enough by voting. I’ve seen countless people post the meme ‘God is in control’ on their social media pages as if to say, ‘I did my part. Whatever happens next is God’s business.’

“This is bad citizenship and even worse theology,” he said.

“It is bad citizenship because in a republic your vote does not get you across the finish line. It gets you to the starting line. We have a solemn duty to demand that our government officials stand for truth and honesty.

“The voting irregularities we are seeing this week should chill you to the bone no matter how you voted. Things don’t add up and we all know it.

“Right now, the difference is a matter of life and death for our Republic.

“Nearly everyone reading this has encountered credible accounts of multiple ballots received, more votes than there are registered voters, discarded ballots, and more,” he asserted.

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