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Nigerians react to sack of DSS boss, Lawal Daura by Osinbajo



Nigerians on social media have reacted to the sacking of the Director General of the State Security Services, DSS, Lawal Daura, by the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

The DSS boss was dismissed on Tuesday by the Vice President.

Some Nigerians believe that the sack of the DSS boss was long overdue, adding that he may have sent his men to the Senate without the consent of the Acting President, as the Vp’s decision may not be unconnected to the invasion of the National Assembly by men of the DSS on Tuesday.

See some of Nigerians’ reactions on Twitter:

@employlawone, “Now you are beginning to live up to the creed and fidelity to your oath of office.”

@AdaraloyeScott, “Oh really! Should I say thumbs up to you for not keeping him in line in the first place. Sacrificial lamb… When you lost a goodwill, you’ve lost it.”

@GordonMuero, “Thank you VP @ProfOsinbajo, for getting rid of one of the biggest threats to our democracy. Daura like many others, was a product of nepotism.”

@XixtinTheGreat, “After the DSS carry out your instructions, you turn around and fire the same person who you sent? Just to save face on social media @MBuhari.”

@noobhagas, “Does this mean that what happened today was without the consent of the VP? God bless you Sir, for taking such action. This shows clearly that you are not in support of those trying to joke with our democracy. You are really a good administrator.”

@segunjimoh, “Nice…but we have a BIG question to ask here. Who ordered the invasion of the NAtional Assembly complex in the first place? The DG DSS cannot just be a scape goat, he acted on orders but from who? The VP should tell us. We deserve to know as this process is incomplete.”

@Davidadeola10, “Great move! That’s what we are talking about. We say Buhari has been condoning impunity. Hoping Buhari will not reinstate him.”

@zion_ewere, “I strongly stand to be disproved that Daura Lawal acted on his own might and bigotry authority. He has been a serial threat to our noble democracy and this is the right move by the Ag President. Long live our democracy and the rule of law.”

@wolexzzo, “He was condoned and emboldened over time by the person who ought to have sacked him long ago. Had that being done, our history won’t have today’s records.”

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