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See what happened to a married woman and her lover in Ogun State that got people talking (photos)



The incident is still fresh as no explanation has been given with respect to the cause of the unbelievable situation.

Many have taken to twitter to express their selves regarding the incidents which some has described as “Juju” meaning magic in some regions.

But the video does not disclose the actual cause or deed that led to the situation.

What happened?

A married woman and her lover has been glued together while making love.

The viral video showed that the incident occurred in Ogun State as the couples were seen in the viral video crying and begging to regain their freedom from the charm allegedly identified as Magun.

What is Magun?

Magun is a charm which in Yoruba language means “Do not climb”, and it is a dreadful and deadly charm usually employed by offended husbands to punish adulterous men having illicit and unfaithful affairs with their wives.

This was gathered by an eyewitness who linked the incident to “Magun” but this is based on theory but cannot be confirmed as no further information has been given or made regarding the cause of the incidents which occurred to the couples in the video.

Below are reactions from Nigerians on Twitter

What can you say about this incident and do you believe it is caused by Magun?

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