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How I Worshipped Demons Had S*x With Virgins, Used Them for Money Rituals – Ex-Super Eagles Goal Keeper Confession Peterside



How I Worshipped Demons Had S*x With Virgins, Used Them for Money Rituals – Ex-Super Eagles Goal Keeper Confession.

Peterside Idah is a retired Nigerian goalkeeper turned pastor. He recently confessed about his previous involvement in demonic worship, which required him to defile virgin girls to maintain the dark covenant.

The confession of the Nigerian footballer is coming few months after one Gabonese footballer shocked the world with a bizarre confession, revealing that he had s*x with his aunt, sister, and his mum was killed in a “spiritual sacrifice” to further his football career.

The former Super Eagles goalkeeper during a radio program with Ex-teammate, Ifeanyi Udeze, he recounted how insatiable thirst for money and fame led him into occultism. He said;

“It was so bad for me that I even went into demonic worship; I was involved in occultism and people didn’t know.

“I did all that because I wanted money and fame which were not coming. My case was so bad that I used to have meetings with snakes. Mine was the top class; it was crazy.

“What actually took me to the next level in occultism was dependent on the number of women I slept with because my covenant was to initiate women.

“I didn’t sleep with them for love or any relationship; my mission was just to initiate them and move on. Automatically, every woman I slept with was initiated – no argument.

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“I was basically looking out for and sleeping with virgins because it was a blood covenant. You know, blood is spilled when you disvirgin a girl. It was crazy,” he added.

“I can’t really remember a number of them, but I know one who is now married, she lives in London with her husband – what I do now is pray for them, believing they would also encounter God,” he added.

In 2018, a certain Gabonese footballer made a very shocking revelation on how he became a superstar by sacrificing his mother.

The player, Shiva N’Zigou played for both Nantes and Reims in the French top-flight between 2001 and 2010, also confessed to lying about his age and also sleeping with his aunt and sister. Shiva N’Zigou disclosed that his father killed his mom in a ritual killing so he can keep all the money he earned from football to himself.

“I had s*xual relations with my aunt,” he said

“These relations happened again with my sister. I slept with my sister. I slept with a man. And I had another long-term relationship also with a man.”

Not only that Shiva revealed he had a number of homos*xual affairs and incestuous relationships with both his aunt and his sister.

In a video released by Daily Star, he was seen claiming that he is actually 39-years-old, five years older than the age mentioned in his birth certificates claiming that his parents changed the date of birth in his birth certificate.

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Shiva N’Zigou played for multiple football clubs, including French FC Nantes, and rounded off his career in 2016. The player partook in 24 matches as part of the national Gabonese squad from 2000 to 2008, netting five goals.