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Nigerian man causes a stir as he undergoes pink lips procedure



A young Nigerian man has caused quite a stir on the internet after he underwent a cosmetic procedure to achieve pink lips.

A video making round online shows the moment the man, who was evidently dissatisfied with the natural colour of his lips, received the pink lips treatment at a cosmetic studio.

The transformation has however sparked a barrage of comments from netizens who as expected had a couple of things to say about the procedure.

@phizbars wrote, “I don laugh tire, omo na natural lipstick oh”

@mama_heavenly wrote, “The rate at which Nigerian men are hustling to be feminine is quite alarming and disturbing. Things we used to watch on Tv and thank God e never reach our side, is now a norm. May God help us.”

@kinghashthattag wrote, “Got to hand it to him. He did good letting us all know how he got there. Some would come lying. I was “born with pink lips”….. Adjust your crown King… “

However, a social media user who is knowledgeable about the procedure, explained that the man’s lip colour in the video is not the final look.

@zeeliciousfairy wrote, “Y’all calm down, that’s lip neutralization. Orange corrector pigment was used to neutralize the dark lips and give it a lighter lip color. Once the lip heals, it’s not going to be that color, it’s going to be normal lip color, but with a brighter tone. This is even more effective and safe than using pink lips balm.”

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