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Dear Men, No Matter What, Don’t Reveal These 4 Secrets To Your Wife (Reasons Attached)



Let’s assume you’re a married man, you’ve probably been married for too many years now, your life is going very well, your wife’s not so much hassle, your wife is really sweet and accommodating, All Positive is everything you can see about her. You’re just loving every bit of your time with her. With such a lovely wife, you should be grateful to God for blessing you, but note that WOMEN and MEN are not the same.

Your wife’s also listed! Women have secrets of their own, secrets that they can’t share with others, not even their husbands. Likewise, men have certain lies that they can only keep to themselves.

In this post, if you want to preserve your dignity as a man, your women to love and cherish you, and your marriage to last long, I will disclose 4 secrets you must not reveal to your wife. Any man who tells his wife these 4 top secrets could live to regret it later on in pp life. Take a look underneath:

1. Never claim your overall bank account balance to your wife

In reality, many of us may want to disagree about this but if he wishes to maintain a cordial relationship with his wife, it is probably the smartest thing a man can do.

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It will add to something you can’t think to show your account balance to your wife; you have allowed her to doubt the amount of money you owe her for food, housekeeping, and taking care of herself.

Try to keep the numbers in your checking statement to yourself to be on the better side.

2. Never share your previous intimate involvement with her

Dear guys, if you want your marriage to last a long time, the last thing you should show to your wife should be your experience. Naturally, women are jealous and curious, some of whom find it very hard to believe anything their husband says.

No matter how much your wife loves you, a different impression than what she has experienced would be generated by exposing your previous sexual experience to her. Believe it the result is not going to be as you expected.

3. Don’t ever tell her the names of girls you chose to marry before you agreed to marry her

Never let your mind be crossed by this single one. It shouldn’t be the reason why you tell her the girls you’ve dated before, no matter how much you think she loves you.

In your conversation, don’t ever bring the names of those girls, don’t make her feel like she’s lucky you’ve married her. She will always feel inferior if you do, and she may begin monitoring you. I believe you’re not going to like that?

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4. Don’t reveal your family secrets to her

A man must learn to trust his wife, but not when it comes to the secrets of his own family. A man should not allow his wife to know the secrets of his father, mother and siblings.

It is true that you are married, but it may come back to chase you later in life to reveal those secrets. There should never be overt marriage secrets and family secrets. Learn what you ought to say and what you ought not to do.