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Beautiful Woman Poisoned By Her Closest Friend For Occupying Big Position At Their Office -[SEE PHOTOS]


on has established that a lady has been murdered by her closest friend at the office for a reason that she occupies a big position than her.

In more detail, reports say she was poisoned and eventually died, leaving people, family, friends, and co-workers in total dismay.

Taking this to social media to share the post; the whistleblower indicated that: “A photograph of a delightful woman who passed on as she was harmed by her closest companion has many individuals sharing wild tears after the photographs got shown on the web.

As indicated by the post, the woman who was highlighted in the photographs was harmed by her closest companion since she was advanced in front of her in their office”.

The photos upon hitting the internet, attract mixed reactions from users, having many shockingly expressed their thought, others wished her well.

The PHOTOS above scooped by Edujandon after shown on the web attract individuals responses…

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