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“From Girls To Boys”-Meet The Twin Sisters That Turned To Boys Through Surgery



As time goes by, life keeps getting weirder and weirder, there is no longer anything new hidden under the sun. Whatever you think can’t happen, or has never happened, all has happened in the past and even present.

Imagine being born a girl, and then one day you just wake up and say, No I don’t want to be a girl anymore, I want to be a boy, it is really weird. Let me tell you about these identical twin girls, who did Surgery to turn themselves into boys.

Jack Grafe and Jace Grafe, are identical twin girls that switched from male to female, through surgery. They were born in July, 1993, into a Christian home, their Father is even a Pastor, they are from Baltimore, Maryland.

When they were just kids, they would cry every night, Because they wanted to be boys and not girls. They would cry and pray to God, begging God to make them into boys when they wake up.

When they clocked 18 years old, they finally admitted to each other about what they wanted, and decided they would do the transition. It was in 2017 that they both started taking male hormones, known as Testosterone, so as to change into female.

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They both underwent gender reassignment surgery, removed their chests, cut off their hair, and now they are growing hairs on their faces like real men. Currently they are recognized in their states as men, and they are both currently dating different girls.

See Their Pictures when they were still girls;

See their girlfriend’s